JMU Secures Playoff Spot by Beating Tech 40-12

November 12, 2017

With redemption on their mind, JMU held nothing back as they battled tech this weekend. As many of you know, JMU had a heart breaking loss to Tech in the last second during the regular season. This game was much different. From the very start, it was apparent the Dukes would not let the game be

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JMU Finishes Regular season with a 34-7 win over Georgetown

November 7, 2017

Despite a rough first half, only scoring one try and sustaining a few key injuries, JMU came out on top in Friday night’s game. There was an outstanding second half performance by JMU as they scored five more tries to Georgetown’s one. The forward pack had a good game, dominating both the line outs and

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JMU Looses 48-7 against Mary Washington

October 30, 2017

This weekend had mixed feelings – First of all congratulations to the JV team who became CHAMPIONS for the Futures Cup  for the second year in a row. That is a great achievement and beating UMW in the manner we did yesterday was very positive . The JV team has been unbeaten now for 15 games over

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Dukes Deliver in Delaware against Salisbury University

October 17, 2017

After driving 5 hours to play on a field with wooden posts, JMU was ready to make a statement against the Salisbury Sharks. For the first half no statement was made as there was a steady back and forth. The weather and the long drive appeared to knock off JMU’s concentration. However,  after half time,

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Dukes Come out on Top in Home Opener against Towson

October 2, 2017

Saturday was a very close game for JMU, holding on to the win till the very last second, 25-23. The biggest difference in the game were kicks, and the fact that JMU missed all theirs, including a penalty kick, while Towson made one conversion and two penalty kicks. Through out the first half, JMU was

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