Dukes Deliver in Delaware against Salisbury University

October 17, 2017

After driving 5 hours to play on a field with wooden posts, JMU was ready to make a statement against the Salisbury Sharks. For the first half no statement was made as there was a steady back and forth. The weather and the long drive appeared to knock off JMU’s concentration. However,  after half time, where JMU was down by one 13-14, they knew they had to turn on. And they did. The dukes put in four more tries to Salisbury’s one in the second half ending the game with a convincing score of 37-21. The second half was much better for JMU, as they responded to the way Salisbury was playing and began making their tackles. The game will prove to be a good warmup as the dukes prepare to face Mount St. Marys this coming weekend, and an even more challenging Mary Wash team the following Saturday for homecoming weekend.

All JMU Men’s games will be at home during homecoming weekend, Saturday the 28th of October, and we welcome all family and alumni to come out and support. There will be two Madison side games at 11:00 am and 12:30 against Longwood, and Varsity and JV games against Mary Wash at 2:30 and 4:00 pm respectively. Expect lots of food and drink all day, and a 50-50 raffle during the Varsity halftime. The grand prize of the raffle will be 50 percent of the collected money, with additional prizes being given away. Additional prizes are to include gift cards to local/national stores (such as Chipotle, corgans, and many more) and JMU Rugby apparel! More details about the raffle will be posted as we approach homecoming weekend.

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