Dukes Come out on Top in Home Opener against Towson

October 2, 2017

Saturday was a very close game for JMU, holding on to the win till the very last second, 25-23. The biggest difference in the game were kicks, and the fact that JMU missed all theirs, including a penalty kick, while Towson made one conversion and two penalty kicks. Through out the first half, JMU was clearly the better team with a couple goal-line defensive stops and a great job working the ball through the hands of the backs. However in the second half, Towson picked up steam tying the game 20-20 with only 10 minutes left to go. This clearly motivated JMU to play to their potential, as the remainder of the game was played in Towson’s half of the field. JV had an outstanding second half of  their game winning 48-19, scoring more than half their points in the last 20 minutes of the game. Unfortunately, The Madison side had a tough loss against Christendom 58-21.

The Varsity and JV side will be up in Maryland next weekend, October 7th, with kick off at 1pm and 2:30pm respectively. We welcome all NOVA alumni and family to come out to college park and help support us to another great victory over the Terps. If you need any additional information do not be afraid to reach out to us.

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